A reminder to residents of new collection days for waste

I WOULD be grateful for the opportunity to remind readers of important changes to household bin collections that will affect all residents.

From Monday, April 4, North Tyneside Council will be collecting refuse and recycling from Tuesday to Friday. This will improve the efficiency of bin collection rounds and reduce carbon emissions.

For some, it will mean a change to their collection day.

Garden waste collections are also changing next week, with Friday collections switching to the following Monday.

Even if the collection day remains the same, bins may be emptied at a different time.

By now, everyone should have received a calendar setting out the revised refuse collection day and recycling dates. For those who use the garden waste collection service, a separate calendar has been delivered.

You can also find out about your revised collection service using the new postcode search facility on the council’s website at www.northtyneside.gov.uk

Finally, I would like to thank residents in advance for their co-operation and patience during this switch over.

For further information, call 0345 2000 103 or e-mail recycle@northtyneside.gov.uk


Head of environmental services

North Tyneside Council