BEACH: Dangerous to visitors

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Well, the Whitley Bay beach saga continues.

Not only do we have no access to the beach up to the Rendezvous Café, with Watts Slope closed due to major digger work, but I fear that the beach has become highly dangerous due to a lack of signage.

Currently you cannot access or exit the beach at the ‘clock end’ due to lower promenade works. However, if you aren’t from Whitley Bay you wouldn’t know that, and the tide comes in exceptionally quick.

We are putting people in danger by not advising them that once on the beach at that side, you cannot exit if the tide comes in. Signage only directs people to the Rendezvous side to allow access to and from the beach, and as we all know, there is no lifeguard cover any more at that end.

Whilst I am on the subject of signage, apparently the Rendezvous Café exit is ‘500 meters’ from Watts Slope. Surely this should be ‘metres’. It just indicates how poor the whole operation seems to be.

While I’m not opposed to the new work, we need to be sensible about safety. Come on North Tyneside, sort it out.

While the work is being carried out, at least let everyone enjoy the fabulous coastline safely, and I mean dog walkers too, but that’s a whole new debate.

Please change the signage.

Sarah Bolam

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