CEMETERY: No space for mourners

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My family recently attended Whitley Bay Crematorium for the interment of a family member aged 44, which was especially sad. There were six mourners arriving in two cars.

On arrival at the layby, we were met by two groups of walkers and 21 cars so we now know why it is so difficult to park when attending a funeral.

There were shouty voices and laughter, which struck me as disrespectful and irreverent.

There are five car parks between St Mary’s Lighthouse and the Spanish City. There are buses and Metro trains. Whitley Bay and Cullercoats stations are only minutes from the seafront.

Walkers and others using this car parking space may well be there most of the day, causing genuine mourners to circle the adjoining streets looking for a place to park.

Why don’t they have some consideration?

T Coltman