Church needs public support

THE people of St Paul’s Church in Park View, Whitley Bay, are appealing to the public to support them in fundraising efforts to repair the Grade II listed church that is a landmark in the centre of town.

There are water leaks all over the church and other pressing repairs that need to be carried out with some urgency.

We need to raise more than £50,000 to deal with repairs and costs, and have some funds and loans in place.

However, not a lot of people know that it is down to local congregations to pay for and organise all works and pay all of the bills associated with running a parish church and centre.

We also need works carried out to the tower and need to erect scaffold that is costing more than £5,000.

Whilst this scaffold is in place we would like to make good use of it and re enamel the two blue clock faces and re gild the hands and roman numerals, to be most cost effective; this is costing an additional £3,500.

If anyone would like to contribute (or even fund this) please get in touch with myself, Sandra Graham, churchwarden.

You may have a personal or local connection with the church, have been baptised or married there, or your family have, and wish to help.

We have applied to trusts and charitable foundations, but realise times are hard for everyone, however, it is important to preserve our heritage.

We believe the building is the oldest in Whitley Bay and we want to keep it for future generations.

Do come and support our coffee mornings every week on Saturday mornings from February 26 until April 16, we shall be serving tea and coffee, home-made cakes, paperbacks and hand knits.

On April 2 we will be having a stall thanks to Park View shopping mall and will have Mothering Sunday goodies on offer as well as a tombola stall.


St Paul’s Churchwarden

(0191) 252 8559