Club completes its programme

MEMBERS of The Rotary Club of Monkseaton Centenary completed their rolling programme of 100 consecutive days of fundraising on Christmas Eve.

The final week of fundraising produced income of £2,605 thanks to the generosity of customers at Netto Wallsend, Eldon Square, Newcastle, where we provided carol performances on two days, and at our Festival of Christmas Music at St George’s Church, Cullercoats.

My thanks go to the management at Eldon Square and Netto, and the vicar of St George’s for allowing us to use their venues; to Whitley Bay Operatic Society for its musical contribution at Eldon Square, and to the Felling Male Voice Choir, children from Bede Academy Primary, Blyth, and Star of the Sea Primary School, West Monkseaton, for their wonderful performances at our festival.

The collections in our last three weeks enabled us to comfortably exceed all our several targets, including boosting our donations to the Children’s Cancer Ward at the RVI in Newcastle to £30,000.

We also distributed over £57,000 worth of energy-saving plugs and water-saving devices free to shoppers throughout the borough last month.

I hope the generosity and kindness your readers have shown to The Rotary Club of Monkseaton Centenary in 2010 return many times to them.



The Rotary Club of Monkseaton Centenary