Criticism of estate agents is a kick in the teeth

IN response to Mrs Dingwall’s letter last week which complained about the number of estate agents in Whitley Bay, as a trader I found it a real kick in the teeth.

In the current climate when retail around the UK is at an all time low, to even have a high street in our town, personally I see it as a credit; not only to the long term traders who have stuck it out thick and thin, but most importantly to our regular customers who thankfully come week after week to support their town.

Very few shops are empty at the moment, and for those who haven’t been along the high street in a while, there are various diverse and exciting independent shops which have braved the climate and opened up.

Although the complaint seemed to be aimed at the creation of more estate agents, you will find that actually a few estate agents closed over the last few years.

I cannot but appreciate what an improvement the new business owners have made to these previously empty buildings.

Let us not forget that a large number of our estate agents are also independent people, trying to do exactly what we are all trying to do, which is make a living whilst bringing something to the town.

Bringing people to the town whether it is to buy or sell a house is still bringing footfall to the rest of us.

Do potential homeowners not need lighting for their new home, wallpaper, or items of furniture?

All sold in Whitley Bay, thus bringing custom to various shops.

We can only hope that the fact the estate agents are seeing our town as an affluent enough area to be based from, could be the sign of a brighter future around the corner, if the housing market is starting to improve, and people are starting to spend again our high streets will flourish.

In the meantime I would like to thank all of our customers for supporting us by shopping in Whitley Bay.

To anyone who hasn’t been out shopping in Whitley Bay for a while, try it out; you will be surprised just how many great shops there are!


Blueberry Square

Park View (A street I’m proud to be a part of)