ELECTIONS: No sign of candidates

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Now that Theresa May has done another ‘U-turn’ and decided that the nation does, in fact, need a general election, I will once again be answering questions from my two young children on the issues being presented by the media – the usual over the last few years being Brexit, immigration, continuing austerity cuts to social care and welfare reform, etc.

My eldest is in Year 5, my youngest in Year 4, and they are engaged with the elections locally, nationally and abroad.

They come to the voting booth with me. They watch the news and have their own hopes for the outcomes of the elections.

They are like this despite the fact that in all the elections we have had over the last few years, not once has a single candidate from any political party come knocking at the door.

My children are too young to vote, at the moment, but they understand the issues in elections and the importance of voting.

However, they have very little understanding of what a politician is or does.

Not one politician has shown an interest in them.

Paul Walton

Whitley Lodge