Every sympathy but check the blue badge guide book

WHILST I have every sympathy with Edward Watts (News Guardian, February 17), he needs to check the guide which came with his blue badge to see what it entitles him to.

I too have a blue badge and there is nothing more frustrating than to find all the disabled spaces in a car park taken, leaving no option but to park in a normal bay and pay the parking charges, especially in a hospital car park.

This happens to me frequently at the Freeman Hospital in its £1.10 per hour car park.

The blue badge gives exemption from charges at on-street parking meters.

In car parks, the blue badge only entitles the user to free parking if the car park owner allows it – it is not an automatic right.

I do think that it is ludicrous that parking in a disabled bay can be free – and the non disabled space right next to is isn’t free, but unfortunately I don’t make the rules.

I suggest Mr Watts reads the booklet he would have received with his blue badge.

That details exactly where and when his badge can be used for free parking.