Festival committee needs members

It looks unlikely that the Brierdene Family Festival will be held next year.

The festival is a grass roots event organised by local community volunteers.

Despite its amazing success, and evident popularity with local residents, where 2,000 came in June to celebrate the beauty of the Brierdene, new members of the festival organising committee have not come forward – our grass roots are in desperate need of water.

The committee has decided that unless we get a number of new volunteers joining we do not have the resources to run a festival for 2015.

We need at least an extra six or seven people to attend our next festival organising committee meeting for next year’s event to be viable.

If you would like to join us, please contact us as soon as possible via the Friends of Brierdene website – http://friendsofbrierdene.org.uk/contact_us.html

Brierdene is definitely a gem within the local area after the recent ‘Bio Blitz’, a nature survey that local residents helped with.

Our records now show we have nearly 700 different species that grow, fly, swim, walk or crawl in the Brierdene – now if that is not worth holding a festival to celebrate, what is?

Hope to hear from you soon

Emma Bowers

Friend of Brierdene

Member of Brierdene Festival Organising Committee