Fill these potholes correctly

CAN we ask what gives the council the right to waste £150,000 of our council tax?

We are referring to the pothole situation throughout the borough.

A number of weeks ago there was an article in the News Guardian which quoted the North East Institute of Civil Engineering saying that the reason that the potholes keep appearing after cold weather was due to the fact that when they are filled in they are not sealed around the edges.

This omission allows water to seep under the edges of the new in-fill. This water freezes when cold (the council always blames the cold weather) and expands causing the break up of the in-fill. Ergo, the pothole returns.

Do the council take the public for fools? The work is costing a fortune every year. Surely someone should be looking into this waste of our money – or is it a case of ‘do a bad job this year ensures work for next year’?

I agree totally with Ron Bales’ letter (News Guardian, March 3) and also reiterate that it’s not good enough to say it is a national problem.

We pay our council tax to North Tyneside Council and until those that it concerns do something positive, this wastage is going to go on and on.

It’s no use the council blaming the lack of money on the current financial cuts. There were no cuts in 2010, 2009, 2008 or 2007 when some of these potholes first appeared.

If they had been dealt with then maybe the roads wouldn’t be in such a state they are now.

As the pothole situation covers most if not all roads throughout the borough, we also find it discouraging that local councillors of all hues are silent on this also.

Every councillor will have the same problem in all their respective areas.

Some examples where no sealing can be or has been seen:

Stephenson Street in North Shields – potholes that deep you can see the original cobble stones. The bad road surface of this road has been on-going for a number of years. I used it to get to and from work for ten years.

Hillheads Road in Whitley Bay (just off the roundabout at Marden Road South/Hillheads Road going towards Morrisons) – pothole filled in, but the in-fill is lower than the road surface. Therefore water will lie and freeze and cause more damage next year. Just noticed this week that another pothole has developed in the same spot next to the in-fill and below the road surface.

Slip road to A19 off the westbound lane of the Coast Road – the 20-plus potholes have been patched again within the last few weeks, not sealed so to be done again next year. More expense.

I won’t mention the state of Whitley Road or Park View.

Nor will I mention the main road in Tynemouth where the original cobble stone surface and tram line are visible. (The trams were done away with in c1931).

Many roads in Whitley are starting to show ‘sinkage’. The roadway over the Metro line going towards St Paul’s Church. Is the council going to leave this and other ‘sinkages’ until it ends up like the huge pothole that was outside the Foxhunters Garage in Hillheads Road, which originally started as ‘sinkage’ about three years ago.

Can someone please inform those that need to know that there are many old mine workings in and around Whitley Bay and Cullercoats, which may be the reason that there is so much ‘sinkage’?

It wasn’t too many years ago that a house on the Broadway suffered subsidence due to old mine workings.

My wife has arthritis in her spine and does not want to go out much now because of the pain she gets when bumping over unavoidable potholes, some of which are making her almost house-bound.

We can see there is going to be someone killed or badly injured due to some of these potholes that are not even highlighted for road users.


Whitley Bay