Footbridge is solution

THE new footbridge at Benton Metro will substantially improve access to the station.

For the first time the station will have lifts to both platforms, removing the need for passengers who cannot use steps to make a detour of almost half a mile along sloping and narrow pavements.

This £1.2m project – part of the £385m Metro: all change modernisation programme – was the subject of substantial consultation during the planning process to ensure it was appropriate both to passengers and residents. The design was changed several times to reflect the needs of people.

I do not believe the new bridge will be ‘crude and ugly’ as your correspondent suggests – it is a good solution to a tricky and long-standing problem at Benton.

At this and other stations local people will soon begin to see similar modernisation which improves amenities while being sympathetic to local surroundings.

It is also untrue to say the investment we have won for the future of Metro in some way paves the way for privatisation.

I am writing this as director general of Nexus, a public body which continues to own and manage Metro, using private sector contractors where it gives the passenger and taxpayer best value – both in operating stations and trains on our behalf, and in delivering specific modernisation projects.


Director General Nexus