Help me find old friends from happy days at summer camp

I AM writing as I really need some help trying to locate some friends who I lost contact with 20 years ago.

I still think about them all now as they were such an important part of my life and were the best part of my life.

It was summer season at the holiday camps and after endless phone calls I was accepted to work at Primrose Valley Holiday Camp in 1990 as an 18-year-old.

I was given a position working behind the 365 bar and shared a room with Debbie, who was more than larger in life with her personality and character.

She showed me round the camp and introduced me to the other staff. That’s when I met Dave and Wayne in their caravan. Then and there a friendship was formed. They were from Wallsend and talked funny.

Shortly after that I met Lynne, Wayne’s girlfriend, they had a maisonette on Battle Hill estate where I was invited to stay after the season had ended.

Our time at Primrose Valley came to an end and we all departed with the promise that I would go up to Wallsend and visit.

Within two months I was living and working in the north, where I met Malcolm, or Malla as he was known, who worked in a bar in Tynemouth, and I too soon got a job in a pub just down the road with little Brian.

Brian was my best friend out of the group. He had just passed his test and had bought a little blue car.

Lynne was like a sister to me. She worked hard in a restaurant and was always kind and generous, losing touch still to this day hurts.

Please help me get back in touch. My name is Vanessa Pobiarzyn, the little blonde girl with mad curly hair.

I am so desperate to meet them all again. I know we have all moved on and our lives have changed but I doubt we have changed as people.

They can contact me on 07715 642955 or e-mail