IMPROVEMENTS: The wrong priorities

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Junction ‘improvements‘ at Preston Road, Trevor Terrace and Queen Alexander Road, North Shields, commenced on February 1 and are still ongoing and almost complete.

They have comprised of enlarging paved areas close to crossing points, the removal of pedestrian refuges and new white lining.

As a pedestrian who uses this route to walk into the town centre, I have to ask myself, ‘were these really necessary, and at what cost to the taxpayers?’

As a motorist I was delighted to see work commencing in a hope that the entire junction would be resurfaced as there are large areas that utility companies have dug up, relaid and which have now subsided, causing a very poor and uneven road surface when driving into town.

However, as new white lines have now been painted onto the road surface the hope of a resurfaced junction seems unlikely.

It begs the question, why carry out unnecessary work and not carry out necessary work?

Furthermore, I have been writing to North Tyneside Council for a number of years asking it to level out the surface of the footpath on the east side of Kirton Park Terrace.

I’m told there is nothing wrong with this, however, due to utility works, again, it’s uneven and subsided in areas. After rainfall, pools of water exist, making walking on the footpath difficult.

The necessary council departments have been informed. My local councillor last year asked me to photograph the problem, which I did, but several months later there has been no reply to my email that contained the photographs.

I have emailed my councillor again this week and have had no acknowledgement of my email.

North Tyneside claims to be a listening council. I hope members realise that there are elections coming up in the very near future.

Rant over, time for a blood pressure pill.

Peter Moncrieff

North Shields