Is car parking the council’s only growth industry?

I WAS annoyed to read the details of the proposals for more car parking spaces on Grand Parade, Tynemouth (News Guardian, February 16).

Is this North Tyneside Council’s only growth industry? Councils are not supposed to create parking to increase revenue.

As a local resident who uses this road as a motorist, cyclist and walker regularly, I have heard nothing about consultation and have attended most of the area forums over the last two years.

From what I can see, it is going to be like Tynemouth Front Street with parking in the middle of the road causing congestion.

In addition, there is no mention of a dedicated cycle lane along the seafront.

If one is not being provided it is a disgrace, the 200-yard long one from Cullercoats is a joke and cycling on the pavement is a danger to all concerned, both cyclists, pedestrians and dogs.

One would have thought council officials would take into account the disaster they seem to have turned Tynemouth Front Street into before embarking on this scheme.

I and my family only walk to Tynemouth now as parking restrictions mean you cannot take the car or risk being accosted by the council’s parking officials.