Join campaign to get main road dualled

AS a life long Labour voter, and one-time party member, I must express my support for Eva-Marie Trevelyan’s request for people to contact the ‘Dual the A1 Campaign’, with details of their relevant personal and business experiences, as evidence to substantiate the case for dualling this vitally important road all the way to Scotland.

Although campaign director Ms Trevelyan is a Conservative Party member and prospective parliamentary candidate for Berwick, I would urge everyone to back this campaign, regardless of their own political affiliations as this appears to be the only current A1 campaign in progress.

In addition, I would suggest that if you have experienced any incidents or conditions on the A68, A696 or A697, caused by traffic that would probably have used a dualled A1, you should also report it.

Funding may be tight at the moment, which is all the more reason to intensify the fight for this project, especially when you consider a report by James Rowbotham of the North East Chamber of Commerce, in which he points out that while the government spend and average of £363 per head nationally on transport infrastructure, this drops to £261 in the north east.

Contact details are as follows: ‘Dual the A1 Campaign’, Alnwick, Northumberland. E-mail or online at