Lack of funding then we close

NORTH Tyneside Council is currently considering funding applications under its Widening Horizons initiative.

All voluntary organisations, whatever previous council support, now have to bid for funding under this scheme.

The total budget available is just under £80,000 and some 2,000 or more organisations have applied, about £40 each.

Whitley Bay Young Peoples Centre needs around £17,000 to £20,000 to cover operational costs in order to maintain the current level of activities and services for the next 12 months.

The council has asked what will happen if we don’t get any funding this year? – short answer, we close.

What other funding do we get from the council? – none.

Where does any other funding come from? – subscription and rental fees which, if increased, would be counter productive as past experience shows increased charges would result in falling attendances and bringing in little, if any, significant funding.

So what is the ‘Big Society’ alternative to closing down? Look for a rich sponsor, a sort of “Buddy can you spare £20 grand”?


Whitley Bay