Library plans should be in public domain

I ATTENDED the recent forum meeting at the Saville Exchange in the hope that I would be enlightened with regard to the possible building of a new North Shields town library.

In my lifetime I have been more than pleased to regularly make use of all the facilities at the old library in Howard Street, and also the present one in Northumberland Square.

I unfortunately had to leave the forum early, but I did leave a couple of questions via the postcard provided during the meeting and I am waiting for answers from North Tyneside Council.

Being a current council tax payer, surely any information about the planned change and more so, the full and factual details and the economics of any proposal that may be decided, should be in the public domain.

Finally I think we have one of the better – if not the best – town libraries in the country, and even now when the government is forcing local authorities in some towns in the country to close their libraries, why are we now proposing to replace ours with a new one?


North Shields