LITTER: Become part of solution

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A big thank-you to the letter writers (News Guardian, June 22). Hopefully, readers agree that we should all take our litter home, then go one step further and recycle what we can.

We should also say a big thank-you to all the unsung heroes who freely give their time as individuals or in groups to carry out litter-picks around our borough, whether on the streets, in parks, nature reserves or beaches.

Sadly, a small minority of visitors seem to think they can throw their litter on the ground or into the sea and it will disappear as if by magic.

Another thank-you to responsible dog owners who pick up and bag the dog poo, but why do a small number seem to think it is ok to drop the bag, or even worse, throw it into trees and bushes?

Most of us have chosen to live in North Tyneside and if we all make a small effort, we become part of the big solution to the litter problem.

S Fairbairn

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