MAYORALTY: Expense is considerable

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I write in support of comments about the role of the mayor.

I am also against the need to have a mayor in addition to a leader of the council. This simply represents another unnecessary level of administration.

I am sure the good lady does her best to fulfil what she considers to be the functions of this office, but with her constant references to pressures on budget, cuts in funding and the need to make savings, does she not ask herself if we need, or can even afford, this not inconsiderable expense of a mayoral position?

Or is it only ‘lesser’ people who should make economies?

With regard to political bias in decision making, it is time for councillors to accept that they are elected to benefit the community as a whole, irrespective of their ideological beliefs.

In the election for mayor I hope, but doubt, that the voting paper will provide the opportunity to choose whether to have a mayor or not.

Frank Clayforth

North Shields