Our children need to be kept safe

I am delighted, if concerned, to see North Tyneside’s mayor, Norma Redfearn, encouraging cycling, scooting and walking to school as part of a smarter parking initiative at Cullercoats Primary School, as reported in last week’s News Guardian.

But is Coun Redfearn really serious about encouraging our children to cycle to school without the most basic of cycling safety infrastructure?

And, by implication, if our children do not use the roads, then they will illegally cycle on pavements and increase the existing conflicts with hard-pressed pedestrians thereon.

It is at least naive, if well intentioned, but verging on irresponsible to encourage young cyclists onto our ever-dangerous roads without the easily-constructed safety measures that other areas and the rest of Europe take for granted.

Now is the time to invest in our children’s safety and provide them with the road infrastructure they deserve.

Angus Ferguson


North Tyneside Cycling Campaign,

North Shields