Patchwork road repairs result in the potholes reappearing

ON February 28 last year I sent an e-mail to the councillors in Cullercoats to complain about potholes and the bad state of the roads in my area, which are a danger to both residents and motorists.

In due course the potholes were patched up, although the roads were not resurfaced.

One year later and these potholes have re-appeared.

The council says it has allocated £150,000 to carry out minor patching of more than 7,000 potholes in North Tyneside for this year.

However, the roads will be just as bad next year because minor patch repairs do not work and it is a waste of money.

To get to grips with this recurring problem you have to properly resurface the whole road and not leave it like a patchwork quilt.

The North East Institute of Civil Engineers said only last month that it believes the approach to the problem of pothole repair is “fundamentally flawed”, and that “transport infrastructure is far too valuable to the north east economy to simply shrug our shoulders and say we can’t afford to be prepared”.

This winter has been particularly bad, but other councils in the north east have invested in road repairs year on year.

It is not good enough to say it is a national problem.

It is a North Tyneside problem and one our local councillors were elected to resolve.