Public transport re-think is needed

As secretary of Tyne and Wear Public Transport User Group, I argue for action to achieve a 67% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

This means thinking differently about how we move ourselves and our consumables about, as transport accounts for 20% of carbon emissions in the UK.

We want to see huge government investment in public transport to encourage people to leave cars behind or share them, use car clubs, have safe cycle routes for work and leisure, good walking surfaces, safe road crossings, extensions to the Tyne and Wear Metro network, regulation of buses to continue to save existing services and expand routes, integrated transport with smart ticketing, cheaper fares, especially on mainline rail, and more free park-and-ride schemes, as well as less anti-social behaviour on trains and Metros.

Just as important is to tackle the car, bus and lorry emissions that cause 500 avoidable deaths across Tyne and Wear a year, especially the 50% of cars using diesel fuels.

This Government has committed itself to avoiding climate change, but that means a massive adjustment in all our daily lives, supported by huge government investment paid for out of our taxes.

If you wish to help or gain greater understanding of these transport issues, you are very welcome to attend a meeting, with speakers, of North Tyneside’s transport forum, a partnership between the transport user group and North Tyneside Council next Tuesday at North Shields Library from 5.45pm until 8pm.

Vicki Gilbert

St George’s Road,