RABBITS: Fluffy pests on the road

A wild rabbit
A wild rabbit

There’s something that has been bugging me for quite some time and I feel I need to share it with your readers to see if I’m alone or if anyone agrees.

Rabbits. On the road.

We live in a rural area – not on the set of Watership Down.

If you are driving down a road and a rabbit hops in front of you, yet at the same time a car is sharing the road with you, then, in my opinion, the only option is to flatten the bunny.

Sorry Mr Rabbit, but I would rather you took the brunt than the back of my car (slamming on my brakes) or the side of my car (swerving to the other lane).

It would seem that I am alone in this, as on three separate occasions in the last week I have nearly driven into the back of someone (twice) and have had to swerve onto the verge to avoid someone.

Cute and fluffy they are when they live in a cage, but not when they live in a field.

So am I alone or do your readers think I’m right?