RNLI: Respect the dedication

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I would like to congratulate Cullercoats RNLI on raising the terrific sum of £12,181 on Harbour Day on July 1.

This might be the largest sum achieved over the years. It is credit to the considerable efforts of Whitley Bay and Cullercoats Ladies Lifeboat Guild, the RNLI boat and shore crew and their families, not forgetting the support of many local businesses that contribute to making the day a resounding success year after year.

Many local dignitaries have opened the proceedings throughout those years, but I believe the warm welcome and genuine hospitality the RNLI has shown to those who come to spend their hard-earned money in support of this most worthy of causes makes the public the true honoured guests.

Those of us who are lucky to live in Cullercoats see more than most the good work of the RNLI, and in the age of the internet this is shared on social media across the world.

In the age of ‘selfies’, it is good to pause and respect and acknowledge the dedication of a select band of individuals training all year to save lives at sea.

S. Ratcliffe