SWEEPERS: Our team works hard

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I understand that at a passing glance some of our operations can be misinterpreted, but I can assure your correspondent (News Guardian, December 28), and your readers that both of our colleagues working in a street sweeper vehicle in Whitley Bay do have a full time job to do.

While short periods of the job involve both colleagues riding the street sweeper, we use two people because one of them is responsible for removing debris, emptying bins and general tidying up outside the vehicle.

The whole team includes 73 people and 26 vehicles working across around 500 miles of road in North Tyneside, and picking up 4,400 tonnes of litter each year.

I can assure your readers that the team works hard at something that is often unpleasant, and does so in rain or shine (but quite often rain).

We are always happy to explain the way we operate to the people we serve in North Tyneside. If your correspondent would like to get in touch I am happy to explain the operations of our team in more detail.

All the very best for 2017.

Samantha Dand

Senior Manager, Local Environmental Services