Taking pride in Whitley Lodge

The residents who depend on Whitley Lodge Shopping Centre are very grateful to our previous Mayor, Linda Arkley, and the St Mary’s ward councillors who took forward the necessary refurbishment of this popular local shopping precinct.

It offers local residents and visitors to the area everything from a Post Office to a public house and in between we now have a good mix of shops and services, eateries and leisure resources.

The refurbishment is almost complete with new paved area outside the popular coffee shop, grassed areas and the flower beds now ready for summer planting.

The last piece of the jigsaw will be the removal of the canopy which is now dilapidated.

The shopping centre is also host to community days for families in association with local church groups and the improvements will enhance these events.

Residents can take pride in their own local shopping area again and a big thank-you to Linda Arkley and our ward councillors for taking this work forward.

Heather Carr

Whitley Bay