Thanks to school and church

ON behalf of our club president Alan Storey and the members of Whitley Bay Rotary Club, could I thank the congregation of St Mary’s Church, Monkseaton and the Year 5 children of Valley Gardens School.

St Mary’s Church, with the support of Canon Robin Greenwood and the church council, kindly donated part of its Christmas Advent Service collections towards supporting Rotary International disaster projects.

In addition, special thanks to the 190 children from Valley Gardens, who played and sang Christmas carols to a variety of audiences in and around Christmas, all of which were musically co-ordinated by school and year staff Julie McNoughton and Vicky Scurfield.

Their wonderful donations over the Christmas period of £306 and £596 respectively, will go towards the purchase cost of £980 for two more Rotary shelter boxes.

The shelter boxes are a Rotary International initiative.



Community Service

Whitley Bay Rotary Club

Each contains all that is necessary to support ten people for a period of up to six months

A tent, blankets, ground sheets, water storage and purification kits, spades and hammers, axes, saws and other assorted tools, a multi-fuel cooking stove, pots and pans, mugs, cooking utensils etc, and not least of all, children’s books and crayons.

Each box is packaged and sent to a world disaster area where it will help to support the local population. For instance, Rotary clubs world wide supported more than a quarter of a million people with 28,000 shelter boxes for the Haiti victims last year and more recently, the disaster areas in Pakistan. If you would like to know more about shelter boxes around the world please visit

Each box is numbered individually and therefore can be tracked by the sponsors, in this case Valley Gardens and St Mary’s, when the boxes travel from their base warehouse to their destination.

In the coming weeks it is hoped that a team from the Whitley Bay Club will be able to show a ‘demonstration box’ where we plan to take it to various locations in the area including Valley Gardens and St Mary’s.

Our club president Alan Storey said: I shall be delighted to accompany the shelter box on its tour and be able to thank everybody personally for helping hundreds of people who have been left with nothing but the clothes they stand in when disaster struck.”

From all of us at the Whitley Bay Rotary Club many thanks for your support.


Community Service Chairman

Whitley Bay Rotary Club