Time is money regarding road works

IT seems quite difficult to drive from one side of Whitley Bay to the other due to road works and temporary traffic lights.

Some of these have been relatively long-lasting, but the longest-running project so far seems to be the ‘road nobody wanted’ – the new road through the Spanish City site.

Work started back in September – nearly five months ago.

‘Time is money’, as Henry Ford said. The longer the building work goes on, the more it costs.

We have already paid for five months plant hire of construction equipment. Are we getting good value for money?

On the subject of value for money, let’s look at Cost-Benefit Analysis (COBA). This is something traffic engineers should be aware of because they are required to calculate this.

Traffic engineers use this to justify spending millions of pounds on a new road, by totting up a few seconds saved, multiplied by thousands of journeys a day over many years.

In these calculations, the Department for Transport assumes every motorist’s time to be worth nearly £100 per hour.

But, the delays due to temporary restrictions while building the scheme are supposed to be set on the other side of the balance sheet.

Our time is worth money, chaps, so please get a move on. Delays can cost us tens of thousands of pounds a day.

Can anyone at least give us an explanation why it has taken so long to do what looks like so little?