‘Turbines have ruined our pride in the north east’s coastal views’

Turbines off the north east coast. Picture by Jim Scott.
Turbines off the north east coast. Picture by Jim Scott.

I have lived in Whitley Bay for more than 20 years now and I have always loved the fantastic, clear view out to sea from Whitley Bay beach.

Like many others, I have, over the years, taken numerous photographs of the beach and sea view.

Often the lighthouse on St Mary’s Island frames the edge of the picture, somehow enhancing the open vista, leading the eye out to the, apparently, limitless horizon.

You could say that particular view was “iconic” for Whitley Bay — no longer.

The installation of five massive, intrusive wind turbines has completely ruined all of that.

I cringe when I look out to sea now.

For many years, the north east of England has had little to be proud of, but at least we could always boast about our great beaches and the beautiful views from them. Not now.

Even after dark, when we once had the dark sky needed to properly appreciate the beauty of stars and the moon over the sea, the wind turbines intrude.

I understand that navigation lights are necessary for these monstrosities, but it seems that concern for quality of the environment and the minimisation of ‘light pollution’ simply does not apply to us folk of the north east.

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