Why should the responsible drinkers have to pay more?

I WAS reading just before Christmas an article (News Guardian, December 20) regarding the unit cost of alcohol.

What caught my eye in particular was the Magnesia Bank campaigning to get the price increased to rejuvenate business.

The proposal was to increase the cost per unit from 40p to 50p to give themselves a ‘fighting chance’ against the cheap alcohol available in supermarkets.

Is there not a case for the prices in pubs to fall and not to rise in the supermarkets?

Surely this is the root cause of the pub industry dying.

People are simply buying cheap alcohol at the supermarkets to save money. Pubs are now simply too expensive.

I realise the supposed reasoning behind the across the board price increases. It is supposed to curb the binge drinking in this country.

But why should I, as a responsible drinker, be forced to pay more?

In the past the government added to the cost of a pint in an effort to change the drinking habits of alcoholics – 4p I think it was in total.

I bet the alcoholics were nervous wondering where they would get that extra 4p from.

Totally ineffective, I’m sure you’ll agree. Just a simple way to squeeze more money out of us.

There has always been a culture of binge drinking, in the past gin was less expensive than beer or ale.

I remember that ‘last orders’ was introduced to help the country deal with the worst binge drinking offenders.

The reasoning behind it being that people were forcibly removed from the bars and sent home for a good night’s sleep.

Previous to this, people were drinking round the clock and the then going to work at important jobs, drunk.

During the days that Britain had a large Empire and had munition factories, the workers would do just that.

I imagine the consequences ranged from embarrassing to catastrophic.

Surely the government should be striving to change the mentality surrounding alcohol and not it’s impact on our wallets.

Simple lessons learned early in life could set someone up as an adult.

At schools, kids should be taught respect. Respect of both their peers and their own health. The whole system is wrong.