WORDS: Return to the old meanings

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The dictionary is revised every few years with words that survive. I believe some words should be re-classified.

1. Charity. Defined as giving help, it now seems it means selling help. All charities have figureheads that make a good living out of it, while lower down it is done by volunteers – time without pay, or those sent from ‘job shops’ to work for their benefits.

2. Job. At one time if a person secured employment that person held onto it by performing the requested tasks. This job, for all intents and purposes, went on forever. Then the government gave employers a bonanza – employ a person for a period of time, maybe 12 weeks, with no sick benefits or holidays.

My view of charity is give your time free, from top to bottom.

A job should be a given period of time, 40 hours at least, at the minimum wage. This would stop the government declaring that ‘we have created a million jobs’, as opposed to job sharing.

Ronald Baird