Six score scholarships in the US

SIX students at TyneMet College have won places at universities and colleges in the USA.

In August, Luke Salmon, Joseph Danquah, Alan Kelly, Claire Pitt, Sarah Lowden and Alex Robinson will be heading to Kansas, Georgia, Louisiana and North Dakota.

All of the students have benefited from a unique relationship between TyneMet and Pass4Soccer, a US soccer scholarship consultant resident in the college.

Students have access to specialist advice, free of charge, to assist those interested in gaining scholarships in the USA.

In December 2010, Luke, Joseph, Alan and Alex attended a US coaches showcase at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, organised by Pass4Soccer, where they were scouted.

Claire and Sarah attended a similar event in London in February 2011 and were also selected to attend their chosen schools as a result of their attendance.

For information on Pass4Soccer visit or contact Daniel Gray on (0191) 229 5236.

With the rising costs of Higher Education in the UK, many students are beginning to consider University in the USA.

On average, the students are paying less than £4,000 which covers their tuition fees, accommodation and food. Over four years the scholarships awarded will total around half a million dollars.

Daniel Gray, director of Pass4Soccer, said: “The relationship with TyneMet College shows the college are regularly producing university ready students.

“The students are a pleasure to deal with and a credit to the college from an academic and athletic standpoint. We wish all of the students well as they begin a very exciting period in their lives.”

Anyone interested in attending TyneMet College should visit or contact Derek Forrest on (0191) 229 5000.

For information on Pass4Soccer visit or contact Daniel Gray on (0191) 229 5236.