Collingwood teams lead the way in county mini leagues

Collingwood tennis.
Collingwood tennis.

COLLINGWOOD Tennis Club have dominated local county mini tennis orange leagues for the last two years, winning the nine and under event in winter 2010, summer 2011 and now winter 2011-12.

The team of Josh Harrison, Clara Loughlin, Christian Sharp, Ellis Collings and Lucy Giles won the north east nine and under winter orange league last weekend by beating Morpeth in their last fixture.

Collingwood mini red team performed well also, finishing in third in the north east winter league.

And most members of this squad – James McMeekan, Jacob Eccles, Malcolm Winton, Ethan Veitch, Josh Barnaby – are eligible to play again this summer.

Club red champion Sam Thompson finally steps up to orange level this year, as does the powerful Jack Boddy.

In the full ball leagues, many Collingwood players have had to step up age groups with there being only 14 and 18 and under leagues.

In the 14 and under boys’ league, the Collingwood team of Olly Drake, Aidan Elliott, Harry Cox, Tom Ridley, Matthew Robson, Alex Jay and Sam Allonby look to have finished in third place with victories over Stocksfield and Beverly Park.

Whilst the girls’ 18s team of Charlotte Scott, Kirsty Hall, Samm Brown, Esmai Jonczyk-Brown, Laura Van Ransbeke, Amy Hedworth and Ailsa Denholm have finished a minimum second in the girls’ league with a table topping clash against Yarm still to come.

The boys’ 18s team of Dan McDermott, Olly Drake, Harry Cox, Sam Volpe, Miles Pearson have done well to finish mid-table in their league.

Collingwood 14s girls’ team of Laura Van Ransbeke, Esmai Jonczyk-Brown, Amy Hedworth, Joanne Cooper, Hannah Chapman, and Ailsa Denholm are currently unbeaten and top of the winter north east league with one game to play. They should be a force in both the girls’ 14s county Aegon summer league and Durham and Northumberland leagues.

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