Damien qualifies in coaching judo at club

Pictured Malcolm Young 4th Dan with Damien Anderson 1st Dan.
Pictured Malcolm Young 4th Dan with Damien Anderson 1st Dan.

A TEENAGER has achieved his club coaching award at a Wallsend-based judo club.

Damien Anderson, 1st Dan Black Belt, achieved a club coach award following a ten-week training programme.

The 19-year-old, from Byker, covered all aspects of judo tuition, learning the principles of both teaching and coaching.

He learned how to demonstrate Ukemi, Ne-Waza and Tachi-Waza to Judo students, including the prearranged form of throwing (Nage-no-kata), defined by Judo’s originator Jigaro Kano.

Damien was presented with the Battle Hill Judo Club Coach Award by his judo instructor Malcolm Young 4th Dan.

New students are always welcome at training every Wednesday at Churchill Community College. For more information contact 07803 745184.

n Elsewhere, the Bushido Academy of Judo held a Judo Grading at Burnside Community College, with students from Seghill Judo Club, Bushido Judo Kwai and Battle Hill Judo club in attendance.

Students were required to demonstrate techniques suitable to their grade, perform the Nage no Kata (forms of throwing) and Kateme no kata (forms of grappling), as well as Shia (judo contest).

There were grades for:

White Belt 6th Kyu Owen Moody and Daniel Cowley; 6th Kyu+1 Jack Bartlett and Ryan Smith; 6th Kyu+2 Mille Richardson and Callum McKenzie; 6th Kyu+3 Connor Webb and Megan Moody.

Yellow Belt 5th Kyu Jack Ross, Joe Moody and Jan Safraneil; 5th Kyu+3 Callum McInnes.

Orange Belt 4th Kyu John Stone, Rose McFarlane, Sean Valley and Chris Sayors; 4th Kyu+1 Johnny Lawson and James Maypother.

Green Belt 3rd Kyu+2 Allanah Harvey and Daniel Render.

Blue Belt 2nd Kyu Chris Buchan; 3rd Kyu+3 Tonicha Brown and Kieran Tweedy.

Brown Belt 3rd Kyu+3 brown Porl Harvey.

Thomas Dugdale, 15, who has been learning judo since the age of five, was awarded the highest grade achievable for his age and gained the coveted junior black belt.

In Thomas’s ten-year judo career he has competed successfully around England and Scotland as well as receiving Judoka of the year awards.

Malcolm Young, coach of Battle Hill Judo Club, said it has been a pleasure to watch Thomas grow from a young Judoka into a model student who has an exceptional knowledge of the art of Judo.

Robert Stuart, also aged 15, became the second student of the day from Bushido to reach the top grade for his age and achieve a junior black belt.

Examiners at this event were Chris Dawson 6th Dan and Bruce Carnaby 6th Dan.

For information about the clubs visit www.bajudo.co.uk