Judo members earn their grades

A total of 26 members of Battlehill Judo Club attended a course run by Billy Snowden while others were examined for their grades by Steve Smith and Simon McKenzie.

Malcolm Young 4th Dan and Kevin Corden 2nd Dan also hosted a Katame no Kata course for the senior students.

Grade promotions were:-

Kano1 – Megan Coupland, Mathew Doris, Jack Dougdale, Owen Hardaker, Terry Harvey, Dylan Kemeling, Ben Smith;

Kano2 – Murray Cairns, Harvey Keenan;

Kano3 – Joe Flaherty;

Kano5 – Daniel Dizyee;

Kano8 – Callum Mckenzie;

1st Mon – Lee Attrill, Kieran Hardaker, Kieran Jackson, Archie Smith;

2nd Mon – Harvey Cairns, Luke Devall McMurray;

3rd Mon – Chloe Harris, James Lowden;

5th Mon – Sean Young;

10th Mon – Chris Sayers;

17th Mon – Kieran Tweedy;

18th Mon – Tonicha Brown;

2nd Kyu – Will Heavens;

1st Kyu – Simon Carter.

Battlehill Judo club train on Monday and Wednesday at Churchill Community College. For more information visit www.bhjudo.com