Judo players from five clubs secure gradings

BattleHill Judo Club held a course and grading at Churchill Community College which was attended by five local clubs.

The course was hosted by 4th Dan Black Belt Mala Young and 1st Dan Steve Smith from BattleHill Judo Club, Billy Snowdon 1st Dan from Hangaku Judo, 1st Dan Black Belt Graham Madderson from East Hartford Judo Club and Black Belt Andrew Douglass from Newbiggin Judo Club.

A total of 49 students attended and successfully graded.

Representing BattleHill, 15 students earned their next Kano grades. Real Thoophome, Nonso Ojigbani, Harrison Short, Grant Milburn, Chi-Chi Ojigbani, Evie Donaldson, Logan Kilpatrick, Matthew Dalpozo and Lydia Grieve all achieved Kano 1. Tegan Laws, Kate Sturrock and Liam Hardaker gained Kano 2. Jack Dugdale earned Kano 4, Shaylin Burn Kano 6 and Owen Hardaker Kano 7.

From Seghill Judo Club, Alesha Slater and Kiera Pentolpe obtained Kano 1, Jack Armstrong gained Kano 2. Abbie Robertson earned Kano 3 whilst Callum Milner earned Kano 5 and Josh Sayers gained Kano 6.

Hangaku Judo Club was represented by Skye Leaver, Ashley Leaver, Nelia Catarina Velosa Vigra, who all obtained their Kano 1 grades, and Jack Broore who gained Kano 3.

Grading towards their next BJA grades, from BattleHill Judo Club were 16 Students. Ian McMorine, Katy Walker, Sophie Flaherty, Scott Anderson and Luke Anderson earned their 2nd Mon grade. Joe Carroll, Danielle Fitzpatrick, Jenni Francis, Cameron Gray and Ewan Gray earned their 5th Mon. Joe Flaherty and Murray Cairns gained their 6th Mon and Kieron Hardaker his 7th Mon. Harvey Cairns obtained his 8th Mon. Kyle Flannery did fantastically to earn his 10th Mon.

From Seghill Maddox Fuller gained his 3rd Mon, whilst Yusef Gadema and Jasmin Gadema earned their 7th Mon grade. Saffron Gadema obtained her 10th Mon and Chris Sayers his 16th Mon. For the seniors Jamie Armstrong obtained his 6th Kyu. Mohamed Gadema completed both the theory aspect of his grading plus the Nage no Kata to gain his Brown Belt, 1st Kyu, one step before his 1st Dan Black Belt.

A special mention went to Leah Anastasi, who started Battlehill Judo Club in December 2013, prior to which she trained at Terminus in North shields, during which time she has medalled 12 times at regional and national competitions.

On November 14 she attended the National Dan Grading at York Railway Institute. After a tough selection of fights against fellow brown belts and 1st Dan Black Belts, Leah won enough of her fights to gain 30 grading points and earn her 1st Dan Black Belt.