Karate pupil Tom earns a medal for improvement over the course of year

Tom Patton with his karate instructors.
Tom Patton with his karate instructors.

A young karate pupil was left stunned after earning a medal for most improved student last year.

Tom Patton, of West Monkseaton, was awarded ‘Most Improved Student of 2013’ and received a medal and trophy at the Burns School of Blackbelts Annual Karate Extravaganza, which was held at the Holiday Inn, Newcastle, earlier this month.

The nine-year-old, a pupil at Wellfield First School, said: “It was a total shock.”

Tom, who was thrilled as were his parents, is currently a blue belt and is working hard for his next grading gaining in confidence with every higher belt.

He is pictured with instructors Mr and Mrs Samson from the Valley Gardens class at Whitley Bay where he attends every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.