Mischiefs on loan at match

SOLIHULL arrived a little short of players so Whitley Mischiefs ‘lent’ them five of their own players so the match could go ahead.

Both teams started well but it was the Mischiefs who had the first shot on goal, saved by Solihull’s keeper. Mischiefs were still first on the scoreboard.

Whitley dominated the rest of the first period, and the defence were excellent, denying Solihull almost every opportunity they had to get near the goal.

The second period was end to end hockey, Whitley were the only team to score in the second period.

The third period was fast-paced from the start, and Solihull went on the scoreboard, and then went ahead for the first time in the game. They suddenly turned up the pressure on Whitley and the Mischiefs defence were working hard to keep the puck away from their net.

The game ended Whitley Mischiefs 2, Solihull Barons 3, but Whitley win 8-0 due to Solihull having insufficient players.