More than 40 at badminton day

THE Parks Sports Centre was the venue for North Tyneside Badminton Academy’s (NTBA) first competition for players in the borough.

More than 40 competed in singles and doubles events in under-13 and under-18 categories.

The academy was well represented by its own players.

Under-18s girls’ singles: Francesca Wilkinson (NTBA), runner-up Megan Porter (NTBA); Under-18s boys’ singles: Gary Lee McMullen (NTBA), runner-up Ryan Macciocci (NTBA); Under-18s boys’ doubles Gary Lee McMullen and Ryan Macciocci (NTBA), runners-up Steven Brown and Jack Bennett (NTBA).

Under-13s boys’ singles: Andrew Ling, runner-up Jack Cruz (NTBA); Under-13s girls’ singles: Jasmine Orchard, runner-up Megan Penlington (NTBA); Under-13s boys and girls’ doubles: Dylan Hope and Tyler Ferguson, runners-up Josh Eardley and Finn Stonehouse.

The academy’s next competition on June 24 at Hadrian Leisure Centre.

An application form can be downloaded from