Ten medals for BattleHill Judo Club at festival

Members of BattleHill Judo Club headed to Bradford for the West Yorkshire Judo Festival.

A level three event providing grading points for those students looking to attain their 1st Dan black belt.

Joe Flaherty dominated his group with two straight wins, earning a gold medal. A silver medal was gained by Kyle Flannery after a narrow loss prevented him from taking the gold.

Sean Young battled through his pool to gain a bronze against some tough competition.

Charlie Hutton and Joe Carroll convincingly took gold medals after winning three fights each and defeating all competitors in their respective weight groups.

Luke and Scott Anderson found themselves with some tricky fights, managing to both earn bronze medals, Luke managing to win one out of his three whilst Scott won two out of four.

Josh Stoneman battled through his three fights, winning two to gain the silver medal in his group.

Kieran Tweedy and Leah Anastasi entered the competition looking to gain points for their 1st Dan black belts.

Fighting against both established black belts and fellow competitors looking for grading points themselves.

With the disadvantage of being the youngest and lightest competitor in his group, Tweedy won two of the five fights in his pool, earning the bronze medal and 20 points towards his black belt.

Leah Anastasi showed great skill and determination taking the gold medal back for BattleHill, winning three of the four fights of her group and earning a very impressive 30 Dan grade points.

This brought the overall medal tally for BattleHill to four bronze, two silver and four gold medals brought back to the north east.