Whitley Warriors team up with video game giant SEGA

Whitley Warriors are teaming up with the world renowned video game company SEGA for the upcoming season.

The club’s Simon Leach said they were delighted with the agreement.

“This is a massive coup for the club, to be associated with such a global leader, myself and Paul Matthews are extremely proud and excited that we have forged this new partnership with SEGA and thank them very much for agreeing to support the Warriors this season.

“Not only will SEGA be prominent on the shoulders of our shirts this season, they will also be sponsoring our newly named ‘SEGA Eastside Hockey Manager Hotshot’ competition, where fans will have the opportunity to win their newly released Eastside Hockey Manager game, and test themselves in the hockey hot seat.

“This is another massively positive step for our club as we gear up for the season ahead.

“This is the first of many exciting corporate partnerships we have in place for the up and coming campaign.”

A SEGA spokesperson said: “SEGA is proud to be supporting one of the UK’s oldest hockey teams.

“Whitley Warriors have been a long standing part of the British ice hockey family and are much beloved by their local community and fans.”

SEGA, maker of renowned games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Football Manager, are developing Eastside Hockey Manager to be released this autumn.

The game, made in the UK by award-winning studio Sports Interactive, will allow people to test their tactical and scouting abilities by running and managing ice hockey teams across the world.

The SEGA spokesperson added: “We hope that such a strong coaching prospect as David Longstaff will get to test out some of his strategies off the ice in the game and ends up having as much success in the game as we hope the Warriors will achieve next season.”