Youngsters produce a stirring display of touch rugby league in series of games

COQUET Park First and Whitehouse Primary schools played out a an exciting series of touch rugby league games.

The teams served early notice of their intentions with the first game ending in a nail biting draw on the stroke of full-time.

Then Coquet Park won game two, with Whitehouse winning three and four, with the lead alternating thereafter until the last game, when Whitehouse responded magnificently to finish four games all.

The general standard of play was extraordinarily high, especially when it is considered the players’ ages are under six and seven.

As far as the teams were concerned, it may be Coquet Park might have had a slight edge in athleticism and individual skill, but for teamwork, Whitehouse were outstanding.

At times the ball carrier had half a dozen team-mates to chose from when they wanted to pass the ball.

Both teams showed excellent movement, anticipation and reaction.

Coquet Park: Georgie Brewis, Callum Campbell, Annabelle Crawford, Ollie Davison, Megan Fisher, Oscar Hartley, Angus Henry, Holly Horton, Grace Irving, Sonny Irving, Jasim Miah, Joshua Redford, Sean Sanderson, Georgia Saunders and Charlie Young.

Whitehouse: Alfie Baker, Chloe Carmichael, Luke Dack, Dean Heads, Robbie Hollister, Joanna Irving, Matthew McGuire, Gary McNestry, Fabio Moreira, Nikita Newton, Jamie O’Halloran, Katelyn Pinkney, Jayden Savage and Ross Wilkinson.

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