Rowing club opens its doors

ONE of the longest running rowing clubs in the borough is opening its doors to the public as it names its new safety boat.

Tynemouth Rowing Club, which has a history of continuous rowing activities from 1867 to the present day, is looking to encourage more people to become involved in the sport.

Following the success of British rowers at recent Olympics, the sport has become an attractive option for groups of all ages, men and women.

And to cater for local conditions, the club has created a gym area for indoor rowing and circuit training to attract new members while they have overhauled their fleet of leisure boats available for all ages of beginners to row.

The club, based at Priors Haven, Tynemouth, has also recently acquired a safety boat to accompany outings, and it is being named at the open day.

The event takes place on Sunday, May 1, from 10.30am onwards where there will be fleets of boats available and coaches on hand.