Friends of the Earth to finally screen Dirty Oil film

GREEN campaigners will once again to try to show a ‘jinxed’ film in Whitley Bay on Tuesday.

North Tyneside Friends of the Earth (FoE) first tried to show Dirty Oil on February 14.

The first hitch came when the distributors sent the film to arrive at the last minute on the day of the show itself.

Their envelope contained a DVD cover – but no disc.

A spare copy was found among members of the FoE group and supporters trooped to the venue that night only to find it was not available.

‘’We all went to the pub for a drink together,’’ said group co-ordinator Malcolm Scott.

‘We’re hoping that bad luck doesn’t strike again this time.’’

The film will now be shown at the Trojan Rooms in South Parade, Whitley Bay, at 7.30pm on Tuesday, April 17.

The film tells of the largest industrial project on the planet, which is devastating the traditional lands of a small indigenous community, the Beaver Lake Cree, in Alberta, Canada.

Tar sands, consisting of oil trapped in a complex mixture of sand, water and clay, are being strip-mined in a huge project which emits an average of three times as much carbon dioxide as the extraction and production of conventional oil.

Canada has proven tar sand reserves of 174 billion barrels of oil, second only to Saudi Arabia’s conventional reserves.

The film shows how the USA’s addiction to oil is fuelling the ‘black gold rush’’ in Alberta, with the oil being sent south to fill the tanks of American cars.