Hop brings Easter to the cinema

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THERE are few things funnier than imagining the Easter Bunny’s son sounding like Russell Brand and having jelly beans for faeces, but that, in a nut shell is what Hop is all about.

It may sound like a dire idea to have an entire film based on Easter, designed purely to cash in on children being bored in the holidays, but this is actually a very entertaining film that will delight people of all ages - not just kids.

Hop sees EB (Russell Brand) who is set to follow in the footsteps of his father (Hugh Laurie) to become the next Easter Bunny, but EB dreams of becoming a drummer, and runs away to Hollywood to pursue his dream of stardom.

While there he meets Fred O’Hare (yes, really), who is played by James Marsden in this animated/real life hybrid, who is careering from one disaster to the next in his life - and actually runs EB over.

The two become an unlikely duo, and Fred gets EB to audition for Hoff Knows Talent - could this be the start of a dream come true for EB?

Or could, as is much more likely, there be a baddy out to ruin Easter for all eternity?

It may not be a complicated film to watch, but it is enjoyable, and boasts a great soundtrack.

Russell Brand is great as the voice of EB, it feels like it shouldn’t work, but it does.

Not the best children’s film that has ever been created, but by no means the worst, Hop has some great one liners, amazing animation and is an overall great kid’s film.

Above all it’s original and witty, and enjoyable, and kids really will love it.