One screen clues to titles of films

One of the more unusual events in the Whitley Bay Film Festival is Saturday’s launch of the book One Hundred Film Haiku.

Written by Mick Haining and published by the Cullercoats based IRON Press, it describes 100 well-known films of the last 50 years via the small three line verse form, the haiku.

The haiku (minus titles) will be projected onto a large screen at the Dome with the audience asked to name each film, with prizes for the winners.

Every one who takes part will be given a free copy of the small book signed by the author, who is travelling up from Staithes in North Yorkshire for the event.

Tickets cost £5 and the event takes place at 6pm in the Spanish City Dome.

To give News Guardian readers a flavour, we have published two of the film haiku below. Readers can find the titles to these (and the other 98) on Saturday.


Multi-coloured gang.

Diamond heist fails. Success pales

Beside treachery.

Gangs of New York make

A song and dance about it.

Look out! Shark attack!