Reflecting community’s hopes and dreams

AN EXHIBITION reflecting the hopes and dreams of a North Shields community through poetry and paintings will go on show next week.

Deborah Halliday, a student from Newcastle College teamed up with staff and volunteers at the The Meadows Connected Centre last year to set up the ‘Hopes and Dreams’ project, which has focused on encouraging positive thinking in times of recession.

The exhibition, which will be open on Monday, February 28, at 4pm in The Meadows Community Centre, Waterville Road, is the end product of the project.

Deborah said: “It has been really exciting to see members of the community, both young and old, sharing thoughts about their future in a positive and creative way.

“The art and poetry featured in the exhibition are all very personal and taken collectively create a unique insight into the soul of this community.”

She added: “By taking part in the project people have had a chance to become part of community history.” Local artists such as Jane Frazer, Laura Cartwright, and Redhouse Glass have worked on the project alongside community members, staff and volunteers at the centre.

The exhibition will feature artworks and poetry alongside a replica of the Meadows ‘Wishing Well’ which is situated in The Meadows gardens and which marks an actual fresh water well that most probably helped to give the Meadow Well area its original name.