Dancers take to stage to put talent to the test

Whitley Bay Playhouse
Whitley Bay Playhouse

A series of local dance acts will go head-to-head at a specially arranged group dance competition next weekend.

The That’s Show Biz Group Dance of the Year competition is a national dance competition, which is springing up across the country.

Next Sunday, the North East edition will be run at The Playhouse, Whitley Bay, and is open for audiences to come and enjoy the talent.

That’s Show Biz dance competition caters for all ages and styles.

The unique aspect of the event is that all the children of the group are allowed the opportunity to perform in theatre-style venues but not just competing but sharing their love of dance with other performers.

The nature of the event means that Sunday’s show will have a friendly and supported environment for the young performers to flourish in.

The judges travel around the whole of the UK including here in North Tyneside, to find the strongest dance schools in the country.

The organisers hope that this year the competition will be ‘better than ever’ as 2014 produced some of the strongest groups they’d ever seen.

Tickets for the event are £15. It starts at 12.30pm and doors open an hour prior to the show. Call 0844 248 1588 for details.