Adele is all killer and no filler

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RARELY does an album come along where every single song is a musical masterpiece and a joy to listen to.

The phrase ‘all killer and no filler’ is often bandied about and applied to albums left, right and centre, but never has a phrase been more true than with Adele’s second musical offering – 21.

From opening track and first single Rolling In The Deep, to the hauntingly beautiful finale of Someone Like You, which made more than a few Brits viewers shed some tears, this is a fantastic piece of work.

Adele wowed when she came onto the music scene with her first album 19, and she has gone from strength to strength in the last two years and 21 is a delight to listen to.

All eleven tracks have been penned by Adele and show such emotion and soul that is so often lacking in most of today’s commercially-driven songs.

Adele has a powerful soul voice, and what’s more is that her songs really speak to you as you can feel the passion in her voice with every lyric she utters.

When Simon Cowell goes on about how important it is for people to ‘feel the words’, they should take a leaf out of Adele’s book.

Set Fire To The Rain, Take It All, I’ll Be Waiting, One and Only and Someone Like You are my favourites – but that doesn’t mean that the rest aren’t right up there at the top.

Even the cover of The Cures’ Lovesong is a great tune.

My least favourite track is probably Turning Tables, but I still really, really like it, which just goes to show how good this album is.

With most artists, no matter how much you like them, there are always going to be a few dodgy songs that make their way onto the final cut, and are there to just pad it out, but this is most certainly not the case with 21, as each song is just beautiful and deserving of its place on the album.

I urge anyone who has not already heard the music of Adele to go and buy her album right now and support a British artist who is ultra-talented and makes superb, moving music.

Track Listing:

1. Rolling In The Deep

2. Rumour Has It

3. Turning Tables

4. Don’t You Remember

5. Set Fire To The Rain

6. He Won’t Go

7. Take It All

8. I’ll Be Waiting

9. One And Only

10. Love Song

11. Someone Like You