Newton inspires with heartfelt songs

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IN a world where new songs are now ten-a-penny, it takes a lot to be able to really stand out from the crowd.

Newton Faulkner is an artist who has achieved this with three albums to date – his latest is arguably his greatest work, and proves that there are still musicians with the power to revolutionise music.

Write it on your skin went straight to number one, and it isn’t hard to see (or should that be hear?) why.

Newton has made a name for himself as a musician who can not only write incredible, uplifting and sometimes humourous songs, but he is also something of a guitar supremo.

Pulling Teeth and Brick by Brick are real gems that I know I will love forever, Pick Up Your Broken Heart is as sad as it is uplifting, and a wonderfully crafted tune.

But Against the Grain is probably my favourite song on the album, and if you are looking for a hint of the ‘old’ Newton from albums gone by, the beautiful Clouds will not fail to move you. Longshot is another cracking song, but if I listed all my favourites I’d have listed them all.

While I was disappointed not to see a She’s Got The Time 3 on the album, I have fallen in love with every track on this album.

My least favourite, if I have to pick one, is In the Morning, but even then it’s not a song I dislike, I just like the others more.

An amazing artist who can deliver album after album of wonderful, melodic and thoughtful songs that you will want to hear again and again.

He has staying power, and an ability to lift your mood and after all, isn’t that what you want out of an album?

If you don’t own it – or indeed, his first two albums, then I suggest you invest immediately.

Track Listing:

1. Pulling Teeth

2. Soon

3. Brick By Brick

4. Clouds

5. Pick Up Your Broken Heart

6. Longshot

7. Write It On Your Skin

8. In The Morning

9. Against The Grain

10. Sugar In The Snow